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Jasmin Sweet 15


Cute Overload

We treated the hedgehog on the right with Hedgie-Gro™ brand Hedgehog Chow; the hedgehog on the left, another leading brand. And just look at the difference!

Mama hedgehog and baby hedgehog (who looks like it is riding a roller coaster and yelling “whee!”), found by Heather!

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Kenia’s Purple Wings Lupus Bash


Dark Mist…..

Different photo shoot then usual. I love these type of shoots, nothing planned out or prepared ahead of time. Just going out there and do what i love!!
For all these photos I used my car high light beam to light up our surrounding 😀 😀

Nubia Zeledon Sweet 15





It’s his first Christmas!!!!

I’ll be posting more pictures of my nephew:) I wanted to get some in the day time, now i’m going to wait till night to get some with all those colorful lights. Come visit again, there will be plenty to see!!